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We are Shannon McDonald Tate and Mario Torres and we have been conducting tours of Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England for 25 years. In the last few years we have broadened our horizons and included many other places as well . Some of these places are Tuscany, Greece, Andalucia Spain, Portugal, Southern France, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, Germany and New Zealand. Our hope is always that our clients will love our favorite places just as much as we do. Our new venture will take us back to many of the places we love, and also into places we have long dreamed of taking a small group of like minded travelers to. Who knows, maybe in the very near future even to some places we ourselves have yet dreamed of going to. Some of these trips will be big adventures and some of them small adventures, but they will all be adventures!

Our travel style has always been easy going and we just go with the flow. Our tours will reflect this travel style and although they will be structured, they will appeal to travelers who like to take a deter off of the beaten path. We do like some structure, but it is more about the journey for us than the destination. For the past 25 years we have done it all. We have covered every aspect of the tour business from start to finish, even including driving our groups all over the world on our tours. For the next phase of our lives, we will leave many things to others. Especially the driving! We will hire local drivers, guides and experts where necessary leaving us more time to interact with our clients and give them the best adventure we can! We will still do all of the itinerary planning along with selecting many of the places we stay, eat and visit. So, if you like wonderful adventures while sharing time with a small group of like minded travelers, we just might be the right fit for you. Come adventuring with Shannon and Mario!


We have over 40 years of combined experience in conducting small group tours.  We are a team of only two, but we wear many hats. We research our itineraries to make sure we are bringing you the very best of what we are available to offer. We then create and itinerary which is followed by driving the route to make sure that logistically everything fits, and the tour runs smoothly. We then list the itinerary on the website and begin promoting the tour. Once the tour is ready to be sold, we personally handle all the details of the sale from beginning to end. Once the tour has sold out we begin the process of booking all of the accommodations, eateries and sightseeing venues. We then personally conduct the tour or leave it in the hands of a trusted colleague. We personally accompany each and every tour making sure that the tour runs smoothy and that your needs are met each and every day of the tour. We pride ourselves on our selection of accommodations and the places we eat. We also pride ourselves on finding local guides that provide the experience that will bring each place we vist alive for you. Come along on one of our adventures!

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